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Thought (Verhoeven): Citation Activity

Sample Passage

Use any part of this paragraph in a direct quote as if you are adding it to the body of your paper. How would you cite your sentence in MLA format?

Found on page 96

We randomly assigned participants to a hands-on condition, during which participants could freely pet and stroke cats and dogs in a small group setting; an observation condition, which constituted observing participants in the hands-on condition while waiting in line for one’s turn and a control condition, during which participants viewed still images of the same animals while refraining from social interaction. The control condition was intended to isolate the effect of viewing visual depictions of the program animals without the component of social interactions with peers or animals. We hypothesized that students with clinical levels of depression would exhibit higher levels of negative emotion and lower levels of positive emotion in response to waiting in line while observing than non-depressed students.

Works Cited

Pendry, Patricia, et al. “Randomized Trial Examining Effects of Animal Assisted Intervention and Stress Related Symptoms on College Students’ Learning and Study Skills.” International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 17, no. 6, MDPI AG, 2020, p. 1909–, doi:10.3390/ijerph17061909.

Citation activity instructions

You have 8 minutes to complete this activity

  1. Read the passage to the left by Pendry et al. 
  2. Imagine you are writing about stress among college students and found this a useful passage
  3. Incorporate a direct quote from Pendry's article in your own words.
  4. Use the Library's MLA style guide to create an in-text citation

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