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Cell Biology and Genetics: Search Terms & Background Info

Search Terms

Possible topic: polymerase chain reaction


Keywords (the most important words—not and the to for):

                 “polymerase chain reaction”   (enclose in quotation marks words you want to keep together as a phrase)


Synonyms:     pcr    

Begin your search with all of the important terms. If you don't retrieve enough hits to have sufficient, good information on your topic drop a term.  If you have too many hits narrow by date, by format (scholarly, publication) or add another term, e.g., dna.


Background Information


  You may need some background information in order to understand the topic.  Think of the terms in your topic that need to be defined/explained,  e.g.,

                                    What is polymerase chain reaction?

Read a definition and watch an animated description in Access Science, a science encyclopedia:


Gale Virtual Reference--includes articles from multiple encyclopedias, including an entry on PCR in the Encyclopedia  of Espionage, Intelligence, and Security

Credo Reference--entries in more encyclopedias including the  Encyclopedia of the Human Genome

 CQ Researcherin-depth reports on current issues including mention of PCR in the report Solving Crimes with Genetic Fingerprinting

                                                     IF YOU NEED HELP ASK.


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