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Business Research Guide: News

Finding Business News: Newspapers, Journals, & Trade Publications


Provides full text and abstracts of leading business journals, including journals on accounting, management, and economics. 

To limit results to Trade Publications, choose Trade Publication in the Publication Type box, or limit results based on Source Types on the left side of the screen.



  Wall Street Journal   business daily

Search wide variety of business information, including news.  To only find business news, use Advanced Search and select Recent News under Content Type.




Goodplace to search for news in newspapers and magazines from 1980s-present; regional & international newspapers



 Or, use the links below to search for more news about your topic. 

  • Use the  button to find the full text of articles available at SU.  
  • Or submit a request for the article if it is not available at SU.

Finding News

Journals, Newspapers & Magazines

Using Microfilm

Microfilm is a way to preserve printed material so that it takes up less space and can last for hundreds of years. 

If you have the citation information for a historic newpaper or magazine article:

  • Use the A to Z Publications list to see if it is available at SU in Microfilm. 
  • If we do not have the article, you may request it through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to have it delivered as a PDF to your email address.

Or, if you have a very specific time period in mind, you can look at the microfilm version of a newspaper or use the index, like the index to the New York Times, to find historic articles on your topic.