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Writing and Thinking Guide: Evaluating Websites

Evaluating Webpages

1. Look at the author’s background, credentials, and list of other publications.

2. Look at the length of the page and level of information provided. You want to find pages that provide some depth or detail on a topic.  Be wary of pages that have grammatical, spelling, or other basic errors.

3. Confirm the information found on the Web with other sources.  It should be consistent with information you’ve found elsewhere.

4. Look for a date or date last updated.  This is especially important if you need current information or there have been a lot of changes or new developments in your topic area recently.

5. Look at the ads or sponsors of the site to determine how they might influence the content.

6. Look for a list of references or a bibliography.  A good scholarly Webpage will be just like an article or book; it will include a list of the resources used in the research.

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