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Information Literacy Guide for Faculty: 1st Year Students


1st year students need an introduction to academic research.  They have not been exposed to:

  • the types of sources they will need to use--scholarly journals, scholarly books, etc.
  •  why they need to use them--authority, scholarly conversation, etc.
  •  abstracts or elements in a citation

Most students say they have used databases but increasingly they have been allowed to use Google for h.s. projects.

Students don't realize that the librarians are here to help them.


Why IL in Perspectives is Important

Writing & Thinking, the primary introduction to IL, might be schedued in  the 2nd semester

Many 1st semester courses require research (before students have been in a W & T course)


Allows future classes to build on  basic skills taught in Perspectives, then W & T, then upper-level course


What we can do

Librarians would like to work with Perspectives faculty to design an assignment (or multiple assignments) which would introduce the students to the library and its services and resources:


meet with liaison librarian/ask a librarian a question

scavenger hunt

research (lite)

     on a reading from the CR

     on the/a speaker

     on an issue raised in class

find a book/examine different types of periodicals/explore different aspects of the topic passion/explore Research Guides


Librarians working with TAs



     geared to 1st year students

     interactive--learn about services and collections

     meet a librarian


     students record stations they visited

So... if you have classes scheduled on the day of the Open House, if you want to assign the Open House,  or if you want to offer extra credit, please consider