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Environmental Research Seminar: Search terms

Search terms

1.) Identify the key words in your topic. Enter them in search box(es).  Use quotation marks around phrases.

Hydrogeochemical Processes and Water Quality Index to Assess Five Penn’s Creek Headwater Streams

"Hydrogeochemical Processes" "Water Quality Index"  "Penn’s Creek" Streams

2.)  you may need to narrow  or broaden your topic.  For example, if you retrieve  too few hits using Penn's Creek, you may want to drop it and search for articles about streams in general:

"Hydrogeochemical Processes" " Water Quality" streams

3.) You may need to think of synonyms or related terms, e.g., analysis.   Use (  ) and OR in your search, e.g., ("water quality index" OR WQI) to capture synonyms.

4.) Use the keywords/descriptors/subject terms listed in the databases to help you identify additional/better terms, e.g,


Subjects:  Water Quality Index (WQI), Earth Sciences, hydrochemistry, Tiruppur, Geochemistry, Water, Underground, Management, Water quality, Textile fabrics, Water, Analysis, Groundwater, Models