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The Republic and HBO's The Wire PHIL-255-01: Statistics. Reporting


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Niesse, Mark.  Crime reports, recipe for cooking the books; cities have had lapses in statistics collected by police under pressure to lower rates: . The Washington Post. March 28, 2004

In New York, a police captain was accused of routinely downgrading crime reports so he would look good to superiors. Philadelphia's sex crimes unit dismissed as noncrimes several thousand reports of rape in 1999. And in Baltimore, an information technology worker quit in December over claims the city's crime reporting was wildly inaccurate. In New York, 70 sergeants rallied in front of a Queens stationhouse with a 15-foot inflatable rat this month as they demanded the ouster of Capt. Sheldon Howard, who they say reduces the severity of crimes so his statistics look better than they are. In Atlanta, meanwhile, police believe the audit may have overstated its case. The accounting of the problem could have been exaggerated because crimes are repeatedly re-categorized in different computers, Sgt. John Quigley said.

Blow, C. M. Crime, bias and statistics. New York Times.  September 8, 2014.

The author reflects on the intersection between the positions involving the racial bias and statistics overrepresenting the African Americans as criminal on the other side.

"Statistics cloud debate over police use of force." USA Today, n.d,


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