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Race, Class and Ethics: Home

Where can I build community?

The Black Student Union

Meeting time: Wednesdays' 8:00PM

Zoom Link:

President: Claire Townsend

Gender Sexuality Alliance

Meeting Time: Thursdays' 4:30PM Discord Link:

President: Carrigan Honeyfield

Feminist Collective

Meeting Time: Thursday's 7:00PM

Teams Link:

President: Erin Mccabe

International Club

Meeting Time: Thursdays' 5:00PM

Zoom Link: President:

Asian Cultural Association

Meeting Time: Thursdays' 6:00PM

Teams Link:


PIER- Professional Internship and Employment Readiness

Meeting Time: Tuesdays' 6:00PM

Zoom Link:

President: Khaela Harrod

SMARTS- Helping minorities succeed in STEM

Meeting Time: Mondays' 7:00PM

Zoom Link:

Is the limited access to healthy food caused by the industrial food production system unethical?

List of search terms as you look for additional sources:

  • Effects of industrial food production
  • Food deserts and race 
  • Food deserts and socioeconomic class 
  • Industrial food production and food borne illnesses 
  • Food production and capitalism 
  • Food insecurity and health outcome 
  • Ethics and the food production industry 
  • CAFOs (+ public health, or environment)
  • Environmental racism and food access 
  • Food security and racial disparities 
  • industrial food production pros and cons
  • Leading cause of death of African Americans