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Psychology Research Guide: Journal Articles

How can I tell if an article is an original research study?

Many Psychology assignments require you to find original research studies. You can find original research study articles in library databases.  These types of studies present research based on actual observations or experiments conducted by the author. 

  • Check the source: Study articles are usually found in scholarly journals, not magazines or newspapers. 
  • Read the abstract (summary): If it mentions any study, questionnaires, participants, or measurements that the author conducted, it is study article.
  • Format: Many study articles are broken down into sections, such as "Methodology", "Results", and "Conclusion". Finding these or similar headings in an article is a good indication that it involves a study or experiment.
  • Length: Study articles are usually very lenghty, at least 5 pages.
  • References: Does the article have references listed at the end? Scholarly researchers have to cite their sources, just like you!

Search Subject Specific Databases

Search citations/abstracts of journal articles, books, dissertations, reports in psychology and related fields via PsycINFO.

Search full-text articles in general and specialized psychology via PsycArticles.


Use the  button to find the full text of articles available at SU or to request from another library.



Use the links listed below to find even more articles on psychology topics.   

Search Everything

Search Everything will search for journal articles, books/ebooks, videos and much more.  It covers all subjects.


A to Z Periodicals List

Want to see if SU has a newspaper, journal, or magazine online or in print? 

Search the A to Z Publications List for the newspaper or journal title to find out.