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Mathematics Research Guide: Books

Search or Browse Books at the Library


The Library of Congress (LC) classification for Mathematics begins with the letters QA -- the system the Blough-Weis library uses to organize books.


Mathematics       QA1-939
   General QA1-43
   Tables QA47 - 59
   Instruments and machines QA71-90 
      Calculating machines QA75-76.95
      Electronic computers.  Computer science   QA75.5-76.95 
         Computer software QA76.75-76.765 
   Elementary mathematics.  Arithmetic QA101-(145) 
   Algebra QA150-272.5 
   Probabilities.  Mathematical statistics QA273-280
   Analysis QA299.6-433 
   Geometry.  Trigonometry.  Topology QA440-699 
   Analytic mechanics QA801-939 


You may want to look on the shelf where books on your subject are located in order to see what is available.  



Use the search box search for books at the Blough-Weis Library.