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Resources about Israel and Palestine: Home

Books recommended by SU faculty for those interested in learning more about the background of the war in Gaza


The Israel-Palestine conflict stands as one of the most complex and enduring geopolitical challenges of our time. This protracted, decades-long struggle has evoked a multitude of emotions, perspectives, and narratives. To comprehend this conflict, one must turn not only to history books and political analyses but also to the human stories.

This Israel and Palestine Reading Guide seeks to promote understanding of this conflict through the lenses of literature and history. This curated book list aims to offer the reader a diverse range of voices that have risen from the midst of the turmoil. This guide's purpose is not to offer a simplistic solution to a complex problem but to foster empathy, awareness, and an appreciation of the human experience of this multifaceted conflict.

We thank Amir El-Chidiac, Rabbi Nina Mandel, Dr. María Muñoz, and Dr. Laurence Roth for contributing suggested works to this guide. However, any errors or omissions are the responsibility of the Blough-Weis Library and not these colleagues.

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