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Business Sources: Associations


Industry and trade associations often compile data for the industry as a whole and sometimes make the data available free of charge.  The following  print sources list industry/trade associations:

Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources  Ref./Z7164. C81 E93  A listing, by industry/business-related topic,  of associations, publications, directories, statistical sources, databases, reference  sources, etc. for that industry/topic.

Encyclopedia of Associations   Ref./AS22.E5 A guide to more than 22,000 national and international associations in different areas--business, cultural, social welfare, etc. Each listing includes contact information (website, e-mail address), history, descriptions, publications. Arrangement is by subject;  part 3 is an alphabetic index.

*S & P Industry Surveys  Ref./HC 106.6 .S74

Subject Guide

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