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Chemistry Research Guide: Cite It

How to Make Citations & Bibliographies

Use the ACS Style Guide

Most chemistry classes will require the use of the ACS Style Guide.  For an online version, you may access the following link:

ACS Style Guide - American Chemical Society

Other Style Guides

Then, save time with: 

      Citation Shortcuts      

Formatting Hanging Indents     

Inserting Page Numbers or Running Head 

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Why Cite?

Citation rules can seem complicated, especially at first, so why cite?

  • Citation is all about acknowledging who created the ideas and language in a research paper or assignment--are they your ideas or someone else's?
  • Citation is necessary to avoid the negative effects of plagiarism.  Here are some real world examples of plagiarism's consequences:

Need more help?

Need help with research or writing?

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How to Cite & Use Sources

Incorporating Sources into your Research Paper (How & Why)

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Why You Need to Cite Sources

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