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Languages, Literatures and Cultures Research Guide: German

Overview & Quick Reference

Dictionaries & Translation

  • Collins German-English-German Dictionary: Produced in collaboration with Langenscheidt, this on-line edition of the Concise Collins German-English Dictionary contains approximately 250,000 words and terms in common use.
  • draws on word lists from BEOLINGUS and other on-line dictionaries, supplemented by user additions and edits. Results are arranged in a very clear table.


Databases for Further Research

  • MLA International Bibliography: citations for journal articles on languages and literatures; searches can be limited by language.
  • JSTOR: scans of journals from multiple fields, with a heavy emphasis on the humanities
  • EBSCO Databases (Languages): this link searches multiple databases, selected based on their relevance to language- and literature-related research topics. It includes the MLA International Bibliography as well as databases focused on history, humanities, social science, and general literature. It will return much broader and less-focused results than a search in the MLA database alone. To see which databases are included, or to change databases, select "Choose Databases" above the search boxes. 

Dictionaries: German-English




Country Information: Germany

News & Current Events

Maps & Atlases

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