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University Archives & Special Collections: Donate to the Archives

The University Archives collects, preserves, and makes available the records of Susquehanna University that have historic value. This guide will help you discover, access and interpret historical information and images.

What We Collect

The Susquehanna University Archives collects materials in all formats, including books, bound periodicals, manuscripts, audio and video tapes, motion picture films, and artifacts of physical culture, including paintings, prints, drawings, diplomas, athletic jackets and other college memorabilia including hats, pennants, pins, seals, rings, plaques and plates.

The Susquehanna University Archives is the repository for the following institutions:

  • The Missionary Institute of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (1858-1895)
  • Susquehanna University (1895-Present)

As such, the SU Archives collects the following types of documents related to those institutions:

  • Administrative, legal, financial records including but not limited to board minutes, course catalogs, student handbooks, faculty handbooks, official and unofficial correspondence of Presidents and other staff members, gradebooks, syllabi and faculty meeting minutes.
  • Published and unpublished books or manuscripts produced by or about past or present presidents, staff, faculty or students.
  • Records of sports teams and student organizations, including but not limited to photographs, audio/video recordings, meeting minutes and statistics.
  • Records of student life and culture including but not limited to photographs, audio and video recordings, films, yearbooks and artifacts of physical culture.
  • Personal papers and effects of past presidents, staff, faculty and alumni, including letters, diaries, artifacts of physical culture and photographs relating to their personal lives or their professional lives at either the Missionary Institute or Susquehanna University.
  • Records of religious life and affiliation including student bibles, catechisms, faith statements and religious texts produced or collected by faculty, staff and students.
  • Records of the connections and interactions between the students and employees and the town of Selinsgrove, PA, and the impact of the institution(s) upon the town.

Information For Campus Community

Guidelines for Transfer of Records

  • Don't reorganize your material. Maintain the original order and file folder labels used in your office
  • Box your records in standard storage boxes
  • List the items in the boxes including the years contained in the boxes
  • Mark the boxes with the name of the office it is coming from and the person sending it
  • Mark the boxes "1 of 3", "2 of 3", etc.
  • Contact Archives to let us know you will be transferring material to the Archives
  • Place a work order with Facilities to have your material transferred to the Archives
  • If there are only a few items, they may be sent in an envelope or small box via campus mail addressed to Blough-Weis Library Archives 

Information For Alumni And Friends Of The University

Most of the records retained in the SU Archives are transferred to the Archives during the normal course of administrative business within the University. However, there are some records and artifacts retained by the Archives that have been donated by SU alumni, their families and other friends of the University. The SU Archives continues to welcome these donations but asks that because of severe space limitations, that donors carefully read the "What We Collect" box regarding the types of materials accepted by the Archives. If the items you wish to donate meet the criteria as expressed in the "What We Collect" box, please fill out the Deed of Gift Form found in the "Deed of Gift" box above and send it to

Susquehanna University Archives

Blough-Weis Library

514 University Avenue

Selinsgrove, PA 17870

You may also scan and email your signed Deed of Gift to

The Archives reserves the right to reject donations on the grounds of inappropriate subject matter, excessive preservation needs (such as items in moldy or bug-infested condition) or to prevent unnecessary duplication of records.

Deed of Gift

Before donating records, please download and fill out our Deed of Gift form


Blough-Weis Library

514 University Avenue

Selinsgrove, PA 17870 | 570.372.4160

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