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Allison Perspectives: Choosing a Database Activity

Let's see what you remember from this session

Breakout Room Activity Instructions

  • Go to the Blough-Weis Library website
  • Locate the Databases List and select a general database and a subject-specific database.
  • Search both databases using the topic of interest or the topic used in the database demonstration. Try expanding your search by including a keyword your group found in your search results.
  • Keep notes on your answers and elect a person to report those findings to the whole group.

Activity Questions

Answer the four questions from your database search.

1.  What is the name of the subject-specific database you searched?

 2.  What type of sources does each database provide?

 3.  What features did you like the most in the databases you searched?

 4.  Choose a result found in one of the databases you searched.  
      What is the title, author(s), publisher and the date of publication?

Answers here

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