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Physics Research Guide: Books

Search or Browse Books at the Library

The Library of Congress (LC) classification for Physics begins with the letters QC -- the system the Blough-Weis library uses to organize books.

You may want to look on the shelf where books on your subject are located in order to see what is available.  

Physics QC1-999 
   General QC1-75
   Weights and measures QC81-114
   Descriptive and experimental mechanics QC120-168.85
   Atomic physics.  Constitution and properties of matter QC170-197
   Acoustics.  Sound QC221-246
   Heat QC251-338.5
      Thermodynamics QC310.15-319
   Optics.  Light QC350-467
      Spectroscopy QC450-467 
   Radiation physics (General) QC474-496.9
   Electricity and magnetism QC501-766
      Electricity QC501-(721) 
         Electromagnetic theory QC669-675.8
         Radio waves (Theory) QC676-678.6
         Electric discharge QC701-715.4
         Plasma physics.  Ionized gases QC717.6-718.8
      Magnetism QC750-766
   Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity    QC770-798
      Elementary particle physics QC793-793.5
      Radioactivity and radioactive substances QC794.95-798
   Geophysics.  Cosmic physics QC801-809
   Geomagnetism QC811-849
   Meteorology.  Climatology QC851-999
      Meteorological optics QC974.5-976 
      Climatology and weather QC980-999 
         Weather forecasting QC994.95-999 



Use the search box search for books at the Blough-Weis Library.

Need even more books?

To find books at other libraries (outside of SU) for research on your topic

Request a book
  • Search Google Books using the box below, or find a book any other way, and 
  • Submit a request to have the book borrowed for you from another library
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Books to get started



  • You can also search WorldCat and request books from other libraries.

Here are some encyclopedias and other general books on physics available online or at the library.