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University Archives: History of SU

The University Archives collects, preserves, and makes available the records of Susquehanna University that have historic value. This guide will help you discover, access and interpret historical information and images.

History of SU

Susquehanna University was founded in 1858, as the Missionary Institute of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. The goal of the Missionary Institute was to educate men of all ages and social standings who felt called to the minister of the Evangelical Lutheran faith. At the same time as the Missionary Institute was founded, the Susquehanna Female College came into being, to educate young women. In 1876 the Susquehanna Female College closed, and the students joined the Missionary Institute. In 1895, the Missionary Institute became Susquehanna University, and adopted a curriculum more like the one today. Susquehanna University retains close ties with the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Books about SU history