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The Library of Congress (LC) classification  -- the system the Blough-Weis library uses to organize books -- places books on Biology between the letters QH and QR. You may want to look on the shelf where books on your subject are located in order to see what is available.  The general categories for biology topics are listed below.

Natural History

QH 1 - 278.5

Biology QH 301 - 705.5
Botany QK 1 - -989
Zoology QL 1 - 991
       Invertebrates QL 360 - 599.82
       Fishes QL 614 - 639.8
       Reptiles & Amphibians QL 640 - 669.3
       Birds QL 671 - 699
       Mammals QL 700 - 739.8
Human Anatomy QM 1 - 695
Physiology QP 1 - 981
Microbiology QR 1 - 502
       Bacteria QR 75 - 99.5
       Virology QR 355 - 502


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Requesting materials using the Rapido Interlibrary Loan Service

  • If we do not have full-text access to the item you need, you have 2 options:
    1. Fill out a blank ILL request form here
    2. Have the system fill out the form for you!
      • Search for your item in Library Search
      • then click Didn't Find what you were looking for? Click here to Expand Your Search.
      • When you've found your item, click Get it for me from other libraries.
      • Click Get It to submit your request!
  • You will need to sign in with your SU credentials to submit a request.

For questions regarding the use of the service and/or the status of your request, please contact us at


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