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Education Research Guide: EDUC 250

Learning Outcomes

You will:

  • Locate the Education Research Guide for future reference and know how to contact the library liaison. 
  • Conduct keyword searches in Library Search, Education Full-Text, ERIC, and Google Scholar databases.
  • Limit your search in these databases to scholarly/peer-reviewed resources.
  • Narrow down your research topic or question.
  • Cite your sources in APA style


  1. Break into four groups
  2. Open your assigned database (links to the right)
  3. Search "positive classroom environment"
  4. Identify at least 3 practices from the articles in your search
  5. Answer the following questions in the first Padlet below
    1. What was useful about the database you used?
    2. What was challenging the database you used?
    3. What are three classroom practices you might research further?
  6. Discuss
  7. In your group, choose one of the practices you identified in step 4
  8. Search for a peer-reviewed article discussing that practice
  9. Post the APA citation for that article in the second Padlet below



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