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Education Research Guide: EDUC 290

Learning Outcomes

  • You will:
    • Locate the Education Research Guide for future reference and know how to contact the library liaison. (Note: Important links for finding articles and websites).
    • Conduct advanced searches in the ProQuest Education and ERIC databases.
    • Limit your search in these databases to scholarly/peer-reviewed resources.
    • Limit your search to articles published since 2010.
    • Practice creating an in-text APA citation.
    • Locate help pages on creating an annotated bibliography.


Searching for articles:

APA Citation Help

Reference Page Format

Author(s) last name, first initial, middle initial. (Year) Article Title. Journal Title, Volume#(Include Issue# only if paginated by issue), pages. doi:#
**If no doi#, include instead: Retrieved from database name (unique article#).

Reference Page Example

Blackwell, W., & Stockall, N. (2021). Incidental teaching of conversational skills for students with autism spectrum disorder. Teaching Exceptional Children54(2), 116–123.
In-Text Citation Format
(Author Last Name & Author Last Name, YEAR)

Citation Activity


1. Read the sample passage.

2. Summarize the paragraph in your own words.

3. Add an APA in-text citation to your paraphrase.

4. Enter your answers in the Padlet below.

Sample Passage from page 118 of the article:

Incidental teaching comprises interactions between an adult or peer and a student that occur naturally in everyday situations. The adult or peer uses these interactions to transmit information or assist the student toward development of a targeted skill (Kamps et al., 2017). In particular, incidental teaching has been demonstrated to be an effective strategy for improving social communication skills (Rittenhouse-Cea & Cho, 2019). Whenever the student shows an interest in something within the environment, that interest becomes the context for teaching. The teacher structures the environment around the preferences of the student and uses the student’s preferences to trigger a request or initiation of social communication. Comments and questions from the student can also begin an incidental teaching moment. For example, in the opening vignette about Douglas, his interest was insects. Using an incidental teaching episode, insects become the topic and this provides an opportunity for the teacher or adult to teach new pragmatic language skills.

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