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Education Research Guide: EDUC 330

Learning Outcomes

You will:

  • access EBSCOhost
  • notice the difference between a vendor and a database
  • practice searching in the H.W. Wilson Education Full Text database
  • apply filters to a search
  • locate the permalinks and/or PDFs for articles
  • generate a citation
  • request full-text access to articles
  • articulate the importance of EBSCO when doing research



  1. Break into teams
  2. Open the Education Full Text (H.W. Wilson) database in EBSCOhost.
  3. Search "technology in the classroom"
  4. Locate as many of the following items in 90 seconds:
    • Permalink and/or PDF of an article
    • Citation of an article
    • "Find It" button for requesting full-text of an article
  5. Post your group's answers to the Padlet below. (hint: Don't publish your answers until the time is up, or another team may steal your answers!)


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