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Perspectives - Dr. Ed Slavishak: Home

Perspectives Library Session Learning Outcomes

  • You will learn how to locate the databases the Blough-Weis Library offers to SU students.
  • You will learn that different databases will cover different topics and different sources.
  • You will learn to consider and select appropriate databases for your research topic.
  • You will learn to create an in-text citation in APA style.

General Databases

  • Wide range of topics covering many disciplines
  • Publication dates vary from very old to very recent content
  • Variety of source types such as scholarly articles, ebooks, newspapers, videos, newswires, reports, book reviews and more
  • Good databases to begin your research for background information about your topic

Subject-Specific Databases

  • Specific topics within their subject area or a group of related disciplines such as the business databases
  • Publication dates very
  • Variety of source types such as scholarly articles, ebooks, films, documentaries, literature criticisims, company & industry reports, statistics and more
  • Good databases to locate sources very specific to your topic

Citing in APA Style