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Common Reading 2020: The Onion

"Report: Morbid Curiosity Now Accounts For 79% Of Nation’s Snack Food Purchases"

Many people didn’t even seem to care whether or not the wasabi chocolate or seven-layer-dip Combos were good, only that they tasted anything at all like what they expected. 

—The Onion


Answer to the Picture Riddle Challenge: Tootsie Rolls!

Classroom Activities

1. Compile a list of all the details within the article and decide as a class what is fact and what is fiction.
2. Have students pick their own piece from the Onion to have the class rank which one is the "best" satirical piece on the Onion.

Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. ​How does satire effect writings?

2. How does satire impact your perception of a topic or issue?

3. Does comedy change how you perceive different media?

Additional Resources

The Onion is up for sale again

Visit the Onion

If things like satirical comedy and ironic humor are just what you are looking for then search no further than the Onion. There is something wonderful about "new" with a twist as a departure from the normal doom and gloom of the media. By experiencing the Onion for yourself there is endless laughter and new stories every day.

A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

"For preventing the children of poor people in Ireland,
from being a burden on their parents or country,
and for making them beneficial to the public."