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Common Reading 2023: Gen Z is Remixing Religion by Zaina Qureshi

Gen Z is Remixing Religion — Zaina Qureshi

“Gen Z is Remixing Religion” is an article written by a member of Gen Z about this generation’s changing relationship with religion. Religion is being rethought by younger generations because of an interest in justice issues.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do your experiences with religion align with the author’s claims and data about Gen Z? If not, how do your experiences differ?

  1. What do you think about the relationship between religion and justice?

Class Activity

In a group, create your own religion that incorporates the values that are most important to you. You can come up with some rules or doctrines, rituals, deities, or other aspects of religion that you would want to have. You can also pull from other religions. What does your imaginary religion offer that other religions might not? Are there any aspects of your created religion that you could incorporate or adapt into your current religious or spiritual practices to make them align more with your other values?

Introduction — Syd Vincent

I always made sure to flourish in school. I was straight and Catholic, just like my religion wanted. 2020 changed a lot in my life, like it did with many others. Now, I’m queer and agnostic. I am proud of myself for many things: learning to love myself, leaving the church, and learning who I want to be within my faith. I still don’t quite know what’s up there, but I am happier living the questions than carelessly following a doctrine that hated who I really was, that saw me as a failure.

I’ve been toggling with the idea of failure in my faith. Maybe failure doesn’t have to end in defeat, but instead can provide an opportunity to grow and redefine what inner peace means to you. Failure gives us an opportunity to try again. “Failing” in my religion taught me to seek justice, fight for equality, and create a better place for generations to come. For me to get here, I had to let go of Christianity, and I think God was okay with that. This is something Zaina Qureshi and I have in common. We both understand this generation is gradually leaving the church. I have my own ideas as to why and so does Zaina, but keep in mind while reading, if you are having a rough relationship with your faith, do not be afraid; you’re not failing, you’re growing. Let yourself grow.

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About the Author

Zaina Qureshi is a 17-year-old activist living in Boston. While Islam provides the foundation for Zaina's faith, she is also interested in incorporating other religions and spiritual practices into her faith and advocacy work.


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