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Common Reading 2023: My Family's Failures Took Center Stage in "Everything Everywhere All At Once" by Brian Lin

My Family's Failures Took Center Stage in "Everything Everywhere All At Once" — Brian Lin

In “My Family's Failures Took Center Stage in 'Everything Everywhere All At Once'”, the author connects his experiences with his family as a gay Taiwanese man to the award-winning film Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever seen a film that connected and resonated with you like Everything Everywhere All At Once did for Brian Lin?

  1. Have you seen Everything Everywhere All At Once? How did Brian Lin’s experience of the film connect with or differ from your own?

Class Activities

  • Write an essay that connects your personal experience with a film you enjoyed.

  • Write a script for a movie scene inspired by something you’ve experienced. Get friends or classmates to perform the script with you.

Introduction — Cindy Chen

At some point or another, we have all imagined what our lives would be like if we were the best version of ourselves. If we were smarter, procrastinated less, exercised more, ate healthier, worked harder, etc.

This idea of an alternate self is explored in the record-breaking film Everything Everywhere All At Once, which follows the story of an ordinary Chinese mother who has been tasked with saving the world. While summarizing the film, Chinese American writer Brian Lin weaves together its themes with reflections on his own fractured relationship with his family.

As a child of immigrant parents myself, I empathize with Lin’s reality. Generational and cultural differences can silence the love we feel toward our parents and they toward us. This is a painful experience that influences the dynamic of Asian American families, including the one depicted in Everything Everywhere All At Once.

At its core, Everything Everywhere All At Once is “deeply Asian American,” but I believe the film is also fundamentally universal. It teaches us that our lives are composed of a series of actions—some of which we are proud of and others of which we come to regret.

As you read Brian Lin’s essay, consider how failure helps us make the most out of life. How does it initiate change and guide us in new directions? How can we use failure to understand our relationships with others and ourselves?

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About the Author

Brian Lin is a Ph.D. candidate in the creative writing and literature program at USC. He has attended the Tin House Summer Workshop, the Napa Valley Writers’ Conference, and the VONA Summer Workshop. He was a fellow at the Writing by Writers Tomales Bay Workshop and the Community of Writers Fiction Workshop and a resident at Ragdale and The Cabins. His work can be found in The Rumpus, The Margins, Lambda Literary, Hyphen Magazine, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. Brian is working on a novel and other books of prose.


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