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Sociology Research Guide: Books


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Sociology and anthropology are covered in the H section of the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) system--the system the Blough-Weis library uses to organize books. You may want to look on the shelf where books on your subject are located in order to see what is available. Please note that these categories, like any system for organizing knowledge, embody the biases of those who created them. LCC was developed in 1899-1903.

The general categories for sociology are listed below.

Social Sciences (General) H
Labor HD
Sociology (General) HM
Women and Gender Studies HQ
Communities. Classes. Races HT
Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology HV

Need even more books?

To find books at other libraries (outside of SU) for research on your topic

Request a book
  • Search Google Books using the box below, or find a book any other way, and 
  • Submit a request to have the book borrowed for you from another library
Google Book Search

Online encyclopedias

Books to get started

Here are some encyclopedias and other general books on sociology available online or at the library.


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