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First-Year Guide: Glossary of Library Terms

Glossary of Library Terms

Term Definition
Abstract A summary or brief description of the content of another longer work. An abstract is often provided along with the citation to a work.
Archives 1. A space which houses historical or public records. 2. The historical or public records themselves, which are generally non-circulating materials such as collections of personal papers, rare books, ephemera, etc.
Article A brief work—generally between 1 and 35 pages in length—on a topic. Often published as part of a journal, magazine, or newspaper.
Authentication A security process that typically employs usernames and passwords to validate the identity of users before allowing them access to certain information.
Author The person(s) or organization(s) that wrote or compiled a document. Looking for information under its author's name is one option in searching.
Bibliography A list containing citations to the resources used in writing a research paper or other document. See also Reference.
Boolean operator A word—such as AND, OR, or NOT—that commands a computer to combine search terms. Helps to narrow (AND, NOT) or broaden (OR) searches.
Browser A software program that enables users to access Internet resources. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox are all browsers.
Call number A group of letters and/or numbers that identifies a specific item in a library and provides a way for organizing library holdings. Three major types of call numbers are Dewey Decimal, Library of Congress, and Superintendent of Documents.
Catalog A database (either online or on paper cards) listing and describing the books, journals, government documents, audiovisual and other materials held by a library. Various search terms allow you to look for items in the catalog.
Chat A type of communication from person to person through typed messages, via computer or mobile device.
Check-out To borrow an item from a library for a fixed period of time in order to read, listen to, or view it. Check-out periods vary by library. Items are checked out at the circulation desk.
Circulation The place in the library, often a desk, where you check out, renew, and return library materials. You may also place a hold, report an item missing from the shelves, or pay late fees or fines there.
Citation A reference to a book, magazine or journal article, or other work containing all the information necessary to identify and locate that work. A citation to a book includes its author's name, title, publisher and place of publication, and date of publication.
Controlled vocabulary Standardized terms used in searching a specific database.
Course management system (CMS) Integrated online applications that allow users to view and complete class materials and post messages, which facilitate discussion beyond the classroom. Also referred to as a “Learning Management System” or “Course Management Software.”
Course reserve Select books, articles, videotapes, or other materials that instructors want students to read or view for a particular course. These materials are usually kept in one area of the library and circulate for only a short period of time. See also Electronic reserve.
Database A collection of information stored in an electronic format that can be searched by a computer.
Descriptor A word that describes the subject of an article or book; used in many computer databases.
Dissertation An extended written treatment of a subject (like a book) submitted by a graduate student as a requirement for a doctorate.
Document delivery A service that retrieves or photocopies information sources for library users. Some libraries restrict document delivery services to distance education students, faculty members, or graduate students.
DOI Acronym for Digital Object Identifier. It is a unique alphanumeric string assigned by the publisher to a digital object.
Download 1. To transfer information from a computer to a program or storage device to be viewed at a later date. 2. To transfer information from one computer to another computer using a modem.
E-book (or Electronic book) An electronic version of a book that can be read on a computer or mobile device.
Editor A person or group responsible for compiling the writings of others into a single information source. Looking for information under the editor's name is one option in searching.
Electronic reserve (or E-reserve) An electronic version of a course reserve that is read on a computer display screen. See also Course reserve.
Encyclopedia A work containing information on all branches of knowledge or treating comprehensively a particular branch of knowledge (such as history or chemistry). Often has entries or articles arranged alphabetically.
Hardware The physical and electronic components of a computer system, such as the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Hardware works in conjunction with software.
High speed access Refers to the speed and efficiency of an Internet connection— which determines how long Web users must wait for a particular Web site to load, or appear on their computer, after they click on a link to it. High speed access is usually achieved by using a DSL line (digital subscriber line) or a cable modem to connect to the Web, as opposed to a dial-up line which results in a slower connection speed.
Hold A request to have an item saved (put aside) to be picked up later. Holds can generally be placed on any regularly circulating library material in-person or online.
Holdings The materials owned by a library.
Hyperlink An image or a portion of text which a Web user can click to jump to another document or page on the Web. Textual hyperlinks are often underlined and appear as a different color than the majority of the text on a Web page.
Icon A small symbol on a computer screen that represents a computer operation or data file.
Index 1. A list of names or topics—usually found at the end of a publication—that directs you to the pages where those names or topics are discussed within the publication. 2. A printed or electronic publication that provides references to periodical articles or books by their subject, author, or other search terms.
Interlibrary services/loan A service that allows you to borrow materials from other libraries through your own library. See also Document delivery.
Journal A publication, issued on a regular basis, which contains scholarly research published as articles, papers, research reports, or technical reports. See also Periodical.
Keyword A significant or memorable word or term in the title, abstract, or text of an information resource that indicates its subject and is often used as a search term.
Learning management system See Course management system.
Limits/limiters Options used in searching that restrict your results to only information resources meeting certain other, non-subject-related, criteria. Limiting options vary by database, but common options include limiting results to materials available full-text in the database, to scholarly publications, to materials written in a particular language, to materials available in a particular location, or to materials published at a specific time.
Link See Hyperlink.
Magazine A publication, issued on a regular basis, containing popular articles, written and illustrated in a less technical manner than the articles found in a journal.
Microform A reduced sized photographic reproduction of printed information on reel to reel film (microfilm) or film cards (microfiche) or opaque pages that can be read with a microform reader/printer.
Modem A device that connects a PC to the Internet and converts digital signals from the computer to a form that can be sent using a voice (analog sound signal) telephone line and vice versa.
Mouse A device that allows the user to move and click the cursor on a computer screen for different functions.
Multimedia Any information resource that presents information using more than one media (print, picture, audio, or video).
Newspaper A publication containing information about varied topics that are pertinent to general information, a geographic area, or a specific subject matter (i.e. business, culture, education). Often published daily.
Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) A computerized database that can be searched in various ways— such as by keyword, author, title, subject, or call number— to find out what resources a library owns. OPAC’s will supply listings of the title, call number, author, location, and description of any items matching one's search. Also referred to as “library catalog” or “online catalog.”
PDF  A file format developed by Adobe Acrobat® that allows files to be transmitted from one computer to another while retaining their original appearance both on-screen and when printed. An acronym for Portable Document Format.
Peer-reviewed journal Peer review is a process by which editors have experts in a field review books or articles submitted for publication by the experts’ peers. Peer review helps to ensure the quality of an information source. A peer-reviewed journal is also called a refereed journal or scholarly journal.
Periodical An information source published in multiple parts at regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, biannually). Journals, magazines, and newspapers are all periodicals. See also Serial.
Permalink A link that will return you to the same page every time you click the link.
Plagiarism Using the words or ideas of others without acknowledging the original source.
Primary source An original record of events, such as a diary, a newspaper article, a public record, or scientific documentation.
Print The written symbols of a language as portrayed on paper. Information sources may be either print or electronic.
Proxy server An Internet server that acts as a “go-between” for a computer on a local network (secure system) and the open Web. Often checks to determine “right of access” to the secure environment and speeds up requests by caching frequently accessed Web pages. Can also act as a firewall. See also Authentication.
Publisher An entity or company that produces and issues books, journals, newspapers, or other publications.
QR code Abbreviation for Quick Response code. A two-dimensional bar code that is made of small squares in a unique pattern. QR codes allow users to connect to additional resources through mobile devices.
Recall A request for the return of library material before the due date.
Reference 1. A service that helps people find needed information. 2. Sometimes "reference" refers to reference collections, such as encyclopedias, indexes, handbooks, directories, etc. 3. A citation to a work is also known as a reference.
Remote access The ability to log onto (or access) networked computer resources from a distant location. Remote access makes available library databases to students researching from home, office, or other locations outside the library. See also Authentication.
Renewal An extension of the loan period for library materials.
Reserve 1. A service providing special, often short-term, access to course-related materials (book or article readings, lecture notes, sample tests) or to other materials (CD-ROMs, audio-visual materials, current newspapers or magazines). 2. Also the physical location—often a service desk or room—within a library where materials on reserve are kept. Materials can also be made available electronically. See also Course reserve, Electronic reserve.
Scholarly journal See Peer-reviewed journal.
Search statement/Search Query Words entered into the search box of a database or search engine when looking for information. Words relating to an information source's author, editor, title, subject heading or keyword serve as search terms. Search terms can be combined by using Boolean operators and can also be used with limits/limiters.
Secondary sources

Materials such as books and journal articles that analyze primary sources. Secondary sources usually provide evaluation or interpretation of data or evidence found in original research or documents such as historical manuscripts or memoirs.

Serial Publications such as journals, magazines and newspapers that are generally published multiple times per year, month, or week. Serials usually have number volumes and issues.
Software The programs installed on and used by the components of a computer system (or, hardware).
Stacks Shelves in the library where materials—typically books—are stored. Books in the stacks are normally arranged by call number. May be referred to as “book stacks.”
Style manual An information source providing guidelines for people who are writing research papers. A style manual outlines specific formats for arranging research papers and citing the sources that are used in writing the paper.
Subject heading Descriptions of an information source’s content assigned to make finding information easier. See also Controlled vocabulary, Descriptors.
Title The name of a book, article, or other information source.
Upload To transfer information from a computer system or a personal computer to another computer system or a larger computer system.
Uniform Resource Locator (URL) The unique address for a Web page which is used in citing it. A URL consists of the access protocol (http), the domain name (, and often the path to a file or resource residing on that server.
User ID A number or name unique to a particular user of computerized resources. A user ID must often be entered in order to access library resources remotely.
Virtual reference A service allowing library users to ask questions through email, text message, or live-chat as opposed to coming to the reference desk at the library and asking a question in person. Also referred to as “online reference” or “e-reference.”
Zip drive/zip disk Devices used in the creation of compressed (or “zipped”) electronic information.
English Term Arabic Term Arabic Definition
Abstract ملخص
Archives الأرشيف
Article مقالة
Authentication تصديق
Author الكاتب
Bibliography المراجع
Boolean operator نظام بوليان
Browser المتصفح
Call number رقم الكتاب
Catalog القائمة
Chat المحادثة
Check-out إستعارة الكتاب
Circulation تداول
Citation مرجع
Controlled vocabulary اللغة المقيدة
Course management system (CMS) نظام إدارة المناهج
Course reserve محجوز للمادة الدراسية
Database قاعدة البيانات
Descriptor واصف
Dissertation بحث التخر ج
Document delivery تسليم الوثائق
DOI معرف الكينونة الرقمي
Download تحميل
E-book (or Electronic book) الكتاب الإلكتروني
Editor المحرر
Electronic reserve (or E-reserve)

 المحجوزة للمادة الدراسية

النسخة الإلكترونية

Encyclopedia موسوعة
Hardware الهاردوير
High speed access االنترنيت السريع
Hold تجميد سجل الطالب
Holdings المحتويات
Hyperlink هايبرلنك\وصل
Icon رمز
Index فهرس
Interlibrary services/loan

  أخرى خدمات الستعارة من مكاتب

Journal المجلة الأكاديمية
Keyword كلمة البحث
Learning management system نظام إدارة التعليم
Limits/limiters تحديد
Link رابط
Magazine مجلة
Microform مايكروفورم
Modem مودم
Mouse فأرة الحاسوب

 (بالحاسوب المرتبطة)
وسائط متعددة\ملتي ميديا

Newspaper جريدة
Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) فهرس الكتروني
PDF ملفات ال PDF
Peer-reviewed Journal دوريات أكاديمية


دوريات أكاديمية  و

Permalink الرابط لدائم
Plagiarism سرقة أدبية
Primary source المصدر الرئيسي
Print طباعة
Proxy server خدمة البروكسي
Publisher الناشر
QR code 

 ةال سري ع

االس تجابة كود

Recall سترجاع
Reference مراجع
Remote access ريموت أكسس  (VPN)
Renewal تجديد
Reserve محجوز
Scholarly journal المجلة العلمية
Search statement / search query جملة البحث
Secondary sources مصادر الثانوية
Serial متسلسل
Software برامج
Stacks مجموعة
Style manual دليل كتابة المراجع
Subject heading عنوان الموضوع
Title عنوان
Upload تحميل
Uniform resource locator (URL) عنوان الويب
User ID إسم المستخدم
Virtual reference مصدر الكتروني
Zip drive / zip disk وسيط تخزين
English Term Chinese Term Chinese Definition
Abstract 提要
Archives 档案
Article 文章
Authentication 验证
Author 作者
Bibliography 书目
Boolean operator 布尔逻辑运算符
Browser 浏览器
Call number 索书号
Catalog 目录
Chat 聊天
Check-out 借出
Circulation 流通服务
Citation 引文
Controlled vocabulary 规范词汇
Course management system (CMS) 课程管理系统
Course reserve 程指定教课材
Database 数据库
Descriptor 叙词
Dissertation 博士论文
Document delivery 文献传递
DOI 数字对象表示符
Download 下载
E-book (or Electronic book) 电子书
Editor 编者
Electronic reserve (or E-reserve) 电子指定教材
Encyclopedia 百科全书
Hardware 硬件
High speed access 高速访问
Hold 暂存
Holdings 馆藏
Hyperlink 超级连接
Icon 图像执行标志
Index 索引
Interlibrary services/loan 馆际互借
Journal 期刊
Keyword 关键词
Learning management system 学习管理系统
Limits/limiters 限借
Link 链接
Magazine 杂志
Microform 微缩形式
Modem 调制解调器
Mouse 鼠标
Multimedia 多媒体
Newspaper 报纸
Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) 联机目录



Peer-reviewed Journal 同级评审的
Periodical 连续出版物
Permalink 固定链接
Plagiarism 抄袭
Primary source 原始资料
Print 印刷体
Proxy server 代理服务器
Publisher 出版人
QR code QR 代码
Recall 催还
Reference 参考咨询
Remote access 远程访问
Renewal 续借

预存 或 预约借书

Scholarly journal 学术的
Search statement / search query 检索步骤
Secondary sources
Serial 期刊
Software 软件
Stacks 书架
Style manual 标准手册
Subject heading 主题
Title 书名
Upload 上传
Uniform resource locator (URL) 统一资源定位器
User ID 用户名
Virtual reference 虛擬參考咨詢
Zip drive / zip disk Zip 驱动器
English Term Japanese Term Japanese Definition
Abstract 概要
Archives アーカイブ
Article 記事
Authentication 認証
Author 著者



Boolean operator ブール演算子
Browser ブラウザ
Call number 請求番号
Catalog カタログ
Chat チャット
Check-out 借出



Citation 引用文献
Controlled vocabulary 統制語彙
Course management system (CMS) コースマネジメントシステム
Course reserve




Database データベース



Dissertation 博士論文
Document delivery






Download ダウンロード
E-book (or Electronic book) 電子書籍
Editor 編集者
Electronic reserve (or E-reserve)



Encyclopedia 百科事典
Hardware ハードウェア
High speed access 高速アクセス
Hold 取り置き
Holdings 蔵書
Hyperlink ハイパーリンク
Icon アイコン
Index 索引
Interlibrary services/loan 図書館間相互貸借
Journal ジャーナル
Keyword キーワード
Learning management system ラーニングマネジメントシステム (学習管理システム



Link リンク
Magazine 雑誌
Microform マイクロフィルム
Modem モデム
Mouse マウス
Multimedia マルチメディア
Newspaper 新聞
Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) オンラインカタログ
Peer-reviewed journal 査読ジャーナル
Periodical 定期刊行物






Primary source 一次資料
Print 印刷物
Proxy server プロキシ・サーバ
Publisher 出版社
QR code QR コード
Recall リコール
Reference 参照
Remote access



Renewal 更新




Scholarly journal 学術ジャーナル
Search statement/Search Query




Secondary sources 二次資料




Software ソフトウェア
Stacks 書架
Style manual 書式マニュアル, スタイルガイド
Subject heading 件名
Title タイトル
Upload アップロード
Uniform Resource Locator (URL) URL
User ID



Virtual reference




Zip drive/zip disk ZIPドライブ


English Term Korean Term Korean Definition
Abstract 초록
Archives 문서
Article 기사
Authentication 인증
Author 저자
Bibliography 참고문헌
Boolean operator 불리안 연산자
Browser 브라우저
Call number 청구기호
Catalog 도서목록
Chat 채팅
Check-out 대출
Circulation 대출대
Citation 인용문헌/




Controlled vocabulary 통제어휘집
Course management system (CMS) 강의관리 시스템
Course reserve 지정도서
Database 데이터베이스
Descriptor 디스크립터
Dissertation 학위논문
Document delivery




디지털 객채





E-book (or Electronic book) 전자도서
Editor 편집자
Electronic reserve (or E-reserve) E-지정도서
Encyclopedia 백과사전
Flash drive 스마트카드
Hardware 하드웨어
High speed access

초고속 인터넷


Hold 대출중 도서 예약
Holdings 소장자료
Hyperlink 하이퍼링크
Icon 아이콘
Index 색인
Interlibrary services/loan 상호대차업무
Journal 연속 간행 학술지
Keyword 키워드
Learning management system 학습관리 시스템
Limits/limiters 제한자
Link 하이퍼링크
Magazine 잡지


(마이크로필름형 식)

Modem 모뎀
Mouse 마우스
Multimedia 멀티미디어
Newspaper 신문
Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) 온라인 도서목록
Peer-reviewed journal 논문 심사 학술지
Periodical 정기간행물
Permalink 블로그 바로가기
Plagiarism 표절
Primary source 일차자료
Print 인쇄
Proxy server 프럭시서버
Publisher 출판사
QR code QR 코드
Recall 반납요청





Remote access 원격접속
Renewal 대출연장
Reserve 지정도서
Scholarly journal 학술지
Search statement/Search Query 검색어
Secondary sources 이차자료
Serial 정기간행물
Software 소프트웨어
Stacks 서고
Style manual 논문기고형식
Subject heading 주제어/주제명
Title 서명
Upload 올려주기 (파일보내기) (업로드)
Uniform Resource Locator (URL) 인터넷주소 (웹주소)
User ID 이용자 아이디 (사용자 이름)
Virtual reference 온라인 참고 봉사
Zip drive/zip disk 집드라이브/ 집 디스크


English Term Spanish Term Spanish Definition
Abstract resumen
Archives archivos
Article artículo
Attachment archivo; adjunto

autentificación; autenticación

Author autor
Bibliography bibliografía
Boolean operator

operadores booleanos

Browser navegador
Call number clasificación
Catalog catálogo
Chat chat; charlar
Check-out circulación
Citation cita bibliográfica; referencia
Controlled vocabulary vocabulario controlado
Course management system (CMS) plataforma de teleformación; sistema virtual de gestión de cursos
Course reserve reserva de curso
Database bases de datos
Descriptor descriptor
Dissertation disertación; tesis
Document delivery petición de documentos; transferencia de documentos; acceso a los documentos
DOI identificador de objeto digital
Download descargar; grabar; hacer una copia; copiar de
E-book (or Electronic book) libro electrónico
Editor editor
Electronic reserve (or E-reserve) reserva electronica
Encyclopedia enciclopedia
Hardware equipo informático
High speed access acceso alta velocidad
Hold reserva
Holdings fondos bibliográficos; colección
Hyperlink hiperenlace; enlace
Icon icono; símbolo
Index índice
Interlibrary services/loan servicios interbibliotecarios; servicios de préstamo de libros interbibliotecario
Journal revista científica
Keyword palabra clave
Learning management system sistema gestionar de aprendizaje
Limits/limiters operadores de limitación o filtración
Link ligas; vínculos; enlaces
Magazine revista
Microform microforme
Modem módem
Mouse ratón


Newspaper periódico
Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) catálogo en línea
PDF formato de documento portable
Peer-reviewed Journal publicación arbitrada

publicaciones periódicas

Permalink enlace permanente
Plagiarism plagio
Primary source fuentes primarias
Print imprimir
Proxy server servidor intermediario; servidor proxy
Publisher editor
QR code código QR
Recall reclamar
Reference sección de referencia
Remote access conexión remota
Renewal renovación de préstamo
Reserve reserva; reservar
Scholarly journal publicación arbitrada; publicación académica
Search statement; search query búsqueda computarizada
Secondary sources fuentes secundarias
Serial serie; publicación seriada; publicación periódica
Software programas informáticos
Stacks estantería; estantes; grupo de estanterías; estanterías adosadas
Style manual manual de estilo
Subject heading encabezamiento de materia
Title título
Upload subir; cargar; copiar a
Uniform resource locator (URL) Localizador Uniforme de Recursos
User ID nombre de usuario
Virtual reference referencia virtual; servicio de consulta por internet
Zip drive / zip disk unidades ZIP; discos ZIP


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