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First-Year Guide: Library Services

Library vs. CAS vs. IT

It can be hard to remember which office to go to for help with certain problems. Here is a breakdown of common services that may be confused between the library, the Center for Academic Success (CAS), and Information Technology (IT).

Service Library CAS IT
Help connecting to SU Wi-Fi     X
Help troubleshooting computer issues     X
Help printing or scanning documents X   X
Tutoring Services   X  
Help writing, editing, or revising a paper   X  
Help creating and checking citations for a paper X X  
Help coming up with a topic for a paper X X  
Help finding sources for a paper X    
Help with Qualtrics     X
Borrowing a laptop for inside the library X    
Borrowing a laptop for outside the library     X
Help with Canvas     X


High School vs. University Library

Service High School University
Hours Same as school hours Open all day and late at night during the week, open on weekends
People 1 librarian, possibly a few support staff Several specialized librarians (major-specific), several support staff, numerous student workers
Space 1 room Multiple floors serving different purposes, several study rooms, cafe
Collection Some leisure reads, mostly general reference materials Several collections (Main collection with 1000s of books, archives, leisure reads, DVDs, music scores, etc.)
Digital Resources A handful of general databases probably made available by your state Over 200 general and subject-specific databases paid for by the university, streaming services, images, etc.
Availability No help outside building Email, text, chat, and zoom support available
Interlibrary Loan Not available or maybe limited Can freely request materials from other libraries not in the university's collection
Call Numbers Materials cataloged by Dewey Decimal System Materials cataloged by Library of Congress call numbers
Course Reserves Not applicable Has collection of required textbooks available for student use



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