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First-Year Guide: ENGL-100

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Review what you learned in past library sessions.
  2. Recognize the difference between a basic and an advanced search.
  3. See their research as part of a larger conversation with other researchers looking at similar topics.
  4. Understand the importance of citing their sources.

Basic vs. Advanced Search

  1. One partner should search for "failure" in a basic search in Library Search, and the other partner should search for "failure" and "success" in an advanced search in Library Search.
  2. Compare your results to your partner's results

Research & Social Media

  1. Scroll through your social media accounts for tags and hashtags.
  2. Skim through the article below for links, citations, and footnotes.
  3. How is research like social media?

Citation Activity

  1. Search for your topic(s) in Library Search.
  2. Pick one source you might use in your paper.
  3. Create the proper MLA the full bibliographic citation for your chosen article.
  4. Select a brief passage from the article and paraphrase it.
  5. Create the proper MLA in-text citation for your paraphrase.
  6. Post your answers to Padlet.

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