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Common Reading 2019: Emily DiGaetano and Bobby Grigas

SU Stories

"College is a time to discover yourself, sometimes to reinvent yourself, and even to stay the same as you already are. Take this time to really think about yourself. Who do you want to be?"

—Emily DiGaetano

Emily DiGaetano and Bobby Grigas

Emily DiGaetano, class of 2020, is majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Photography at Susquehanna University. She is a member of the field hockey team, Bee Club, Her Campus, and Circle K.


Bobby Grigas ia a Junior Environmental Studies Major at Susquehanna University. He is on the SU baseball team and assists in youth baseball camps in his hometown. The highlight for him is speaking to the campers about the importance of education, not sports, in their futures. 

Discussion Questions

1. Is this advice you have heard before, or was it new information?


2. Have you tried to follow any of the advice given in these pieces? How did it go?


3. What piece of advice was the most useful?


4. What is something that you have learned about college so far that was not presented in this text?

In-Class Activities

1. In the second week of classes, write a letter for yourself in the future (to open at the end of the semester) about your college experience so far.

Act It Out!

Two actors:  Bobby, Roommate


Bobby:  (sitting on bed)  OK it’s 8:00 pm, guess I’d better start my homework.

Roommate:  Good luck with that.  I’m going to the gym. (exits, Bobby starts working)

Roommate (reenters):  How’s it going?

Bobby (yawning): I can’t really concentrate.  What time is it?

Roommate:  10:00.

Bobby:  Oh man, I still have 3 more chapters to read and a lab report to write.

Roommate:  Huh.  Want some coffee? 

Bobby:  I guess.  I’ll take a break and go get some.   (exits)

Bobby (reenters):  OK, I’m wide awake now!  (sees that roommate has fallen asleep). Oh well, let’s see if I can finish all this (looks at phone) 11:30- I guess I got sidetracked getting my coffee . . .


Skit contributed by Dr. Jennifer Sacher-Wiley and Samantha Schwarz


Phillip Winger is Vice President and Chief of Staff of Susquehanna University.  He also teaches Perspectives and serves as a mentor and academic advisor for undeclared students.

Introduction by Phillip Winger