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Common Reading 2019: Keith E. Edwards and Susan R. Jones

"Putting My Man Face On"

"Realizing that they didn’t fit, and didn’t want to fit, society’s expectations of them as men, left the participants in this study caught between their desires to be a different kind of man and a need to prove their manhood according to society’s expectations as a result of their insecurities."

—Keith E. Edwards & Susan R. Jones

Discussion Questions

1. Do you think that other groups of people (genders/races/sexualities) have “masks” that they are expected to wear?


2. Have you noticed any “masks” that people have on this campus so far?


3. What are some ways that we can encourage people to take their “masks” off?


Samantha Proffitt, M.Ed. is the Director of Academic Achievement & the First-Year Experience at Susquehanna University. When not directing Orientation and working with first-year students, she can be found cross-stitching and knitting with her cats. 

Introduction by Samantha Proffitt

Keith E. Edwards and Susan R. Jones

Keith E. Edwards is a scholar and educator who has spoken on college campuses about assault preventions, men’s identity, social justice education, curricular approaches beyond the classroom, and leadership over the past 18 years. He has spoken and consulted at over 200 colleges and universities, presented over 200 programs at national conferences, and has written more than 20 articles or book chapters on these issues. He also co-edited the book Addressing Sexual Violence in Higher Education.


Keith Edwards will be visiting Susquehanna University on September 5th, 2019. He will be visiting Perspective classes and giving the Common Reading Lecture at 7:30 PM in Weber Chapel.


Susan R. Jones is Associate Professor and Director of the College Student Personnel Program at the University of Maryland- College Park. 

In-Class Activities

1. Have a discussion about the “masks” that people feel they have to put on and why they feel like they need to have them.

Act It Out!

4 actors:  Jason, Roommate, Friend #1, Friend #2

Prop:  Iphone with Stevie Wonder “Superstition” and Mac Miller “Self Care”


Jason, (in room listening to Stevie Wonder, then looks at watch):  Uh oh, my roommate’s night class is almost done- he usually gets back about now, better switch the music (switches to Mac Miller)

Roommate walks in:  Hi-

Jason:  Hi how was your class?

Roommate:  Good, actually.  I’m just dropping off some stuff, heading back out to the library.

Jason:  Ok, happy studying-

(Roommate leaves, Jason waits for a minute, then switches music back to Stevie Wonder, enjoys music, then Friend #1/Friend #2 burst in, Jason lunges to switch back to Mac Miller)

Friend #1:  Hey Jason

Friend #2: What are you up to tonight

Jason:  Not much, you?

Friend #1:  Just whatever

Jason: Yeah

Friend #2:  I mean, you know

Jason: Right

Friend #1:  See ya (they leave)

(Jason waits, then switches back to Stevie Wonder)


Skits contributed by Dr. Jennifer Sacher-Wiley and Samantha Schwarz