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Common Reading 2019: Donald Housley

"Student Power and Protest in the Sixties"

"Only conflict and confrontation by students made possible the type of life that students have today."

—Donald Housley 

Donald Housley

Donald Housley is Professor Emeritus of History at Susquehanna University. He is also a Susquehanna University historian and was formerly the Dean of Arts and Sciences and the author of Susquehanna University 1858-2000: A Goodly Heritage (2007). 


Linda McMillin is the Degenstein Professor of Leadership and History. In the past, she has served as Provost and Dean of the Faculty, and the Co-Chief Operating Officer at Susquehanna University. She also directs the Leadership minor. Reflecting on her work, she says “it is so rewarding to work with students and make a difference in their lives. Giving them an appreciation for history is foundational to solving problems.” 

Introduction by Linda McMillin

Discussion Questions

1. What are some reasons why Susquehanna students would protest today?


2. In what ways are we still protesting as a university campus?


3. Why is it important to learn the history of our university?



1. Have students research their hometowns or another place that interests them and discover the protests that happened during the 1960s. 


2. Have students find a current or recent protest happening at a university campus and present it to the class.